Yamaha’s Vision For This Program

Since its founding in 1887, and true to its corporate motto of “Sharing Passion & Performance”, Yamaha has been helping to bring inspiration to others through its various efforts in sound and music. By inspiring and moving people, music has the power to overcome obstacles between them. We believe that these children have the ability to create their own future with their own hands, and that through our program, music can help them do this. When music has brought people together, this is the moment when inspiration and creation happen. Yamaha endeavors to continue making contributions to musical culture.


an invisible
around you

There are those
 who confront
the invisible wall.

“Pave your own path to the future.”
 This may sound obvious, but it’s an impossible task for many children around the world.

Widespread social inequality and poverty in the world limit children’s futures and even put some on the path of delinquency and crime. In many cases, this is not their own fault, but due to the structure of society leading to social inequality and poverty. Even more problematic are the emotional distance and the sense of disparity harbored by those who have faced social inequality and poverty, which form “invisible walls”, and limit many children's hopes for a fulfilling, happy future.

This problem is not restricted to poor communities alone—there are invisible walls in affluent communities as well, and in the current context of Central and South America this is certainly the case. Many people have achieved their dreams and can be proud, feel happy, and lead satisfying lives as a result. However, at the same time, there are many limited by, or stuck behind, invisible walls.

Solving this problem
 is no easy task,
but that won’t
 stop us from
 taking it on.
on this important
That’s because
 there are people
 in Central
 South America who,
like us,
 believe in using
 the power of music
to confron
 their problems
and improve
 their situations.

There are those
who believe in
the power of

These people utilize the power of music as a tool to keep children away from delinquency and crime,
 allowing them to live with confidence and a sense of purpose.
 Central and South American orchestras and bands are tackling this problem head on by introducing youths to music performance
 and appreciation as they for or join orchestras and bands.

Venezuelan government continues promoting music education project called "El Sistema." Implemented as a policy to prevent delinquency and eradicate poverty, this project is intended to stabilize society as a whole by supporting children’s music activities. The vast majority of Children who took up a musical instrument have shunned negative or risky behavior in favor of practicing enthusiastically and ultimately living a more fulfilling life.

This phenomenon drew such a positive response that youth orchestras and bands were established across Central and South America, and garnered local as well as international collaboration from Yamaha and others as well. Colombia, for example, launched the Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín [Medellín Music School Network], based in Medellin, and a youth orchestra/band called Fundación Nacional Batuta in Bogota. In addition, there is a scholarship program called ToKANDO being set up by Fundación Incolmotos.

Allied organizations
 in Colombia
 the use of music.

Yamaha has been collaborating with organizations through training wind instrument repair technicians,
 providing maintenance guidebooks, and holding maintenance workshops.

Our vision